About Dan Buglio and Pain Free You

"It feels amazing to be free of pain."



I'm 54 years old.  I live in Bucks County PA.  I have a 25 year old son and a 7 year old cat Finn.  I'm a musician, play drums in a band and also guitar and piano (for fun).  I ride a bike for exercise, go kayak fishing and eat well and exercise.


But I'm guessing that's not the kind of info you're looking for. You're probably wondering:  


"Is this guy worth my time and attention?  Can he really end my pain?"


For a couple reasons, the answer is NO.  Here's why...

  1. I cannot "fix" or "cure" you. The mindbody approach I recommend and use with my clients requires your active involvement. If you are not willing to open your mind, do some reading and do about 30 minutes of thinking and writing each day until the pain goes away, I cannot help you. 

    You must "do the work" to eliminate your pain. If you want a magic pill, this isn't it. 

    Bottom line: it still takes your effort. If you are unwilling to participate in your own recovery, I cannot help you.

  2. If you have a closed mind and are unwilling to consider that something else is going on that could be causing your pain, I cannot help you.

    I've been where you are. I know being told you have a "broken" body is difficult, and changing our beliefs can also be extremely challenging when you've had multiple doctors show you all sorts of problems on your MRI. Perhaps you've also tried every single medical treatment offered to you and nothing has worked. I get it.

    It's really easy to believe that your body is broken. The great news? You are not broken and you are not stuck.

    Allow me to challenge you to open your mind to another possibility. Something else is causing your chronic pain and it's not what you think.


  3. If you think this is all "hogwash" and that you have a "REAL" problem... You are walking away from the ONE thing that could actually end your pain, and I can't help you with that mindset.


  4. If what I share about the real cause of pain angers you or is "insulting to you" and makes you want to reject what I'm telling you outright, I cannot help you.

    To be clear: I'm not saying your pain isn't real. I'm NOT calling you crazy or saying "it's all in your head". Your pain IS very real. You are not crazy. Your pain is NOT imagined or all in your head. Your pain is caused by very real physical changes in your body.

    It's just not caused by what your doctor pointed out on your MRI.


Still here? Good!


My mission is simple: To help people achieve a pain free life. That's it.


As someone who suffered 11 long years of chronic back pain and was finally able to end my pain, I decided to help others beat their chronic pain too.  By sharing my experience and what worked for me, I know I can help you too.


So how did I beat my pain?  Lots of struggle, trial and error, hundreds of hours in forums, wiki's, online research, attending mind-body workshops, reading every last "back pain" book I could find, and even studying psychology until I finally figured it out.


In a nutshell, I struggled with many mainstream treatments until I found the work of a ground breaking doctor named Dr. John Sarno.  He was absolutely correct about the real cause of my pain.  His material was great and helped me out quite a bit.  But the pain kept coming back...  Over and over and for 13 years, Dr. Sarno's methods would allow me to achieve some relief from my pain. But then the pain would come back even worse than before. Can you relate?


Unfortunately the way Dr. Sarno explained his process was very vague, had no exact repeatable steps and left a lot to interpretation. "Think psychologically. Talk to your brain."  What does THAT mean?  


So I researched... Everyone I spoke to had a different interpretation and suggestion on how to apply Dr. Sarno's methods to get rid of my pain.  And as a result, I got more and more confused and frustrated with my pain and my inability to overcome it.


But in the end I managed to beat my pain for good.


There were many lessons learned over my long stretch of pain and many mistakes I made that kept me in pain. I want to help you avoid these mistakes and help you get out of pain as soon as possible, without years of research, trial and error, and endless information. 


I teach about all of the concepts that ended my pain in my daily videos. You can find them all on YouTube here: Pain Free You YouTube Channel. Subscribe to stay up to date!


Knowledge and commitment to changing the way you think and act regarding your pain is the way.

- Dan Buglio, Pain Free You

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