My Book Is Coming Soon!

I get comments from people on social media and on my videos, week in and week out, asking when I'll write a book. It's been incredibly difficult to compress over a decade's worth of knowledge and healing into a single, easy to digest book - but it's almost done!


The book's goal is to give you the knowledge you need to beat chronic pain for good, along with the actionable steps that make getting there a reality. Whether you know all about TMS and have been around here for a while, or if you want to hand it off to a loved one who's suffering from pain, my new book is for you.

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Thank you for all of your support!

In the meantime...

We're all excited for the book to be finished, but to hold you over, there is already a ton of info up on my YouTube channel. The information in my videos is a bit more spread out than it will be in the book, but I cover many of the same valuable topics and give great tips that will help you in ending your pain.


In addition to the YouTube channel, we also have a private Facebook group where we can talk freely about what's going on without your family and friends seeing. I'm in the group every day talking to people and answering questions. It's a great community that's always growing! Join the group here.


Be sure to check out these resources and follow along if you haven't already!

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